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Don’t skip the pedicures

When your friend asks you to go shopping with her for a ‘new job wardrobe’, you say yes.  Or at least you should! I went on a shopping adventure with my friend who had just accepted a position at a local office.  Her previous employer didn’t require a dress code, but of course this one did.   I was up for the challenge.  I mean, who doesn’t want to pick out all of the clothes and not have to buy anything! 😉 My friend and I went to so many stores that day and learned that finding fashionable work attire was harder than we thought it was going to be.  She is a mom of three and didn’t want to spend a lot on clothes she didn’t really like and wouldn’t wear anywhere other than work.  We managed to find a few staple pieces like black pants, black capris, white collared shirts and a couple floral shirts that she didn’t despise and didn’t empty her wallet.   There were still pedicures planned that day and she didn’t want to forego those! We talked during those glorious foot scrub
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Adventures in Colorado

With just 10 hours of drive time to Denver, Colorado (and the right concerts playing in one weekend) my husband, our dog Sadie, and I decided to pack up and go!   I know it sounds crazy to a lot of people, but we just can't say no when all the right cards are on the table.  We have always wanted to take our extremely spoiled pooch hiking with us (and just on vacation in general) and we have also stalked concerts playing at the Red Rocks for years now.   The Red Rocks is a naturally formed, outdoor amphitheater just minutes outside of Denver.  Pictures of this place just look phenomenal and the natural acoustics are amazing.   The Denver Post put together a list of the 10 most memorable concerts ever played at the park and this list is stellar. The Beatles (1964), The Grateful Dead (1978), John Denver (1974), U2 (1982), and Radiohead in 2003 are a few on the list.   Photo Credit:

This is New York, Babe!

Last weekend I traveled to New York City with my husband and some friends to run the Airbnb half marathon in Brooklyn, NY.  Let's be honest, that was only one reason we traveled to New York. The other reasons being that it's an amazing place with lots of good memories in the jungle of concrete, car horns, and food carts.  I always say, you never forget your first trip to the city.  Bright lights, huge buildings, people of all kinds everywhere, stores that never seem to close, and even the street performers sing better than you on your best drunk night of karaoke!  For me, it was an experience that made me want to spend one of the most intimate experiences of my life, my wedding day, in the city that never sleeps.  That's a story for another day.  A novel of a story, really. This trip we were focused on having the most fun we could while still trying to save our legs for the half marathon.  We flew in on a Wednesday night and by Thursday we had walked 13 miles... Oops.

The Graduate.

I t's time for big life changes and writing new chapters in your book. Graduation day is among us, you stayed up all night for the last time studying, you took your finals, and now you're a graduate.  Such a big accomplishment, all your hard work payed off and you are finishing school. However, now is the big question, where do you go from here?  As an about to be college graduate myself, I have had several people asking me what's next.  The truth is, I don't know.  I have no clue what I am going to do next and that's OK.  You don't have to have everything planned out right away.  Here is what you can do, plan for all the interviews you're going to be getting!  There is an art to interviewing, believe it or not.  Here are some of my tips for interviewing.  Imagine the following scenario... You just got the call saying your resume is fabulous, like you, and the prospect wants you to come in for an interview! After you set up a time, make sure the phone

The Weekender

Short weekend getaways can sometimes take the most planning. Why is that?  You would think you could pack light and get away with only a few outfits, but if you're like me you quickly realize you have at least three 'what ifs' laid out.  You know what I'm talking about, the 'what if we go here' or 'what if we decide to do this' outfit options. Last weekend I took a short work trip to Florida. I needed to pack for Friday, Saturday, and a coming home outfit on Sunday.  I started with a few staple pieces; a cotton dress, cute cloth shorts, swim suit, and a cocktail dress.  This escalated into a 'what if' we decide to go shopping and walk around to do some sight seeing, 'what if' we decide to go out Saturday night after the conference. Because of this I included some cute soft-pink shorts and a navy tank and an adorable stripped dress which is a step up from casual cotton.   Let's talk packing strategy.  Luckily my husband kn

Adulting made easy-ish!

As every career gal knows.. a normal day consists of trying to get up early enough to get in a workout, 530am.  You sleep in your workout clothes so you can sleep an extra 2 minutes, I mean, it's necessary.  You get to the gym or track and get back home in just enough time to shower and blow dry your hair.  (Which takes a surprising amount of time that no husband or boyfriend understands.)  You finish your routine, eat breakfast, grab a cup of joe, and turn on Matt and Al. Now pause , this is where it can get messy.  Do you spend the extra time getting ready or sitting down for 30 minutes before your 9 hour day begins. Yes, begins, it hasn't even started yet! It is important to make sure you feel good about yourself the rest of the day.  Sure, you worked out, you logged that! However, I always take a few extra minutes to put together an outfit that I feel good in, even if I pick it out the night before.  I have a few go-to pieces that never fail me and that's what I gr